Product Highlights

Product Features

  • Specific Coverage (Individual Coverage)
  • Coverage for groups with as few as 10 participants
  • Specific Deductibles starting at $20,000
  • Standard 12-month contract terms, including incurred and paid as well as run-in and run-out contracts
  • Unlimited Specific Maximums
  • Aggregate Coverage
  • Aggregate Benefit Maximums up to $2,000,000

Additional Coverage Options

  • Specific Advancement included with all Policies
  • Terminal Liability Options for both Specific and Aggregate
  • Aggregating Specific Deductibles in exchange for reduced Specific premiums
  • Deferred Aggregating Specific Deductibles available for select groups
  • Early Lock-In available for select groups
  • No New Laser Options available for select groups
  • Gapless 12/15 renewal option
  • Short Contracts for as few as 6 months
  • Long Contracts for as many as 15 months

Other Product Solutions

  • Captive Arrangements for select partners
  • MEWA stop loss available in states that certify MEWA’s to self-fund

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