HIIG Claims Handling

HIIG employs handlers dedicated to each industry and line of business.

HIIG Claims staff are always available for direct discussions and each have significant claims management and adjustment experience.

24/7 Claim Reporting
We have established 24/7 claims reporting with after-hours, weekends and holiday emergency escalation.

To report a First Notice of Loss/Claim:
By Email:  Claims@hiig.com (preferred)
Or by Phone: 1-888-321-0714
Or by Fax:  1-888-957-6437

Accident & Health claims should be filed online. Additional claim information is also available. In case of a loss/claims emergency (including after-hours or weekends) that requires an immediate response, please advise and include that in your communication.

Claim Acknowledgment Letters
Receipt and registration of First Notice of Loss/Claim will be acknowledged in writing.