HIIG Claims Handling

HIIG employs claims professionals dedicated to each industry and line of business.

HIIG Claims staff are always available for direct discussions and each has significant claims management and adjustment experience.

24/7 Claim Reporting

We have established 24/7 claims reporting with after-hours, weekends and holiday emergency escalation.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

To report a Job Related or Workers’ Comp Claim:

For all new workers’ compensation claims, contact Medcor Nurse Triage at 833-523-0281. To locate an authorized medical provider, visit www.talispoint.com/hiig/external.

Property & Casualty Claims

To report an injury (non-work related) or any type of property damage:

For non-workers’ compensation claims, contact 888-321-0714 or email your claims questions.

Accident & Health Claims Medical Stop-Loss

Accident & Health claims should be filed online. Additional claim information is also available. In case of a loss/claims emergency (including after-hours or weekends) that requires an immediate response, please advise and include that in your communication.

Claim Acknowledgment Letters

Receipt and registration of First Notice of Loss/Claim will be acknowledged in writing.

Please be sure to document damage as completely as possible. Take photos of damaged property. Make an inventory of damaged or lost items, and include any receipts you may have. Thorough documentation of the loss will assist in the evaluation of your claim.

Weather & Catastrophe Related Losses include a sudden event resulting in damage caused by forces like hurricane, tornado, unusually high winds, hail, flood, wild fires, or earthquake.

This is a general description of the types of loss and damage that may be covered under a policy of insurance. This description is general in nature, and is not intended to be a description of coverages available, applicable exclusions and conditions, or a commitment to pay any loss. Your policy of insurance will contain the applicable coverages, exclusions and conditions