About HIIG’s Insurance Products for Community Banks

HIIG Professional provides custom insurance solutions for Community Banks nationwide through our family of surplus and admitted A- IX (Excellent) insurance companies.

Our targeted marketplace includes financial institutions that are insured or regulated by the FDIC with an asset base of $1.5B or less. HIIG Professional has the ability to provide insurance solutions on an admitted or surplus lines basis and pays highly-competitive rates on all accounts that are written.

Professional-Managerial Options:

  • Insured Persons (D&O) Liability
  • Bankers Professional Liability Endorsement
  • Depository Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Lender Liability Endorsement
  • Fiduciary Liability Endorsement
  • Trust Services Liability Endorsement
  • Securities Liability Endorsement

Fidelity Coverage Options:

  • Employee (Fidelity) Dishonesty
  • On Premise
  • In Transit
  • Forgery/Alteration
  • Fraudulent Real Property Mortgage
  • Safe Deposit Box Coverage
  • ATM Coverage

For more details, please see our coverage highlights.