Loss Control Services through HIIG Xterminator Pro Loss Control Expert

  • 29 years pest management experience
  • holds state credentials
  • frequent continuing education speaker at state and national meetings and contributor to national trade publications
  • sits on association, regulatory and academic committees
  • published in entomology scientific journals
  • personally assists clients with in claims prevention and risk mitigation

Partnerships and Resources for PMPs

  • Interviews with insured clients to assist in claims and risk mitigation
  • Driver education performed in person and through online system
  • State pest control and OSHA regulatory compliance
  • Termite, pest and lawn treatment file documentation and agreement language
  • Partnerships with providers of discounted employee screening, human resources, employee handbook, GPS systems and pest management operating software services

Driver Safety Training to Combat Distracted Driving
Distracted driving is an epidemic that affects the entire driving public, including pest control companies and HIIG Xterminator Pro.   To help insureds reduce auto claims and to build their comprehensive auto loss control programs,  HIIG Xterminator Pro now offers Driver Safety Training on fifth workdays monthly to accommodate your regular training regimens and the business operations of pest control companies. The 45 minute training session is conducted in an interactive, live format by Allen Fugler, Director of Risk Management, a 29-year veteran of the pest management profession.  Attendees simply log into GoToMeeting to see and hear the presentation; insureds can circulate and return a sign in sheet to HIIG Xterminator Pro to document attendance for underwriting consideration at policy renewal.

The training is specific to pest control technicians and focuses on their roles as professional drivers between service stops, the dangers of distracted driving, and how pest control companies have the legal responsibility to address distracted driving.

Sessions will be scheduled on a “fifth workday” of most months, depending on how the dates fall within a work week, at 7:30 am ET and 10:30 ET/7:30 PT (to accommodate the west coast workday.) These dates are frequently requested as the fit within common training schedules and monthly route completions.

To schedule your training session, email HIIG Xterminator Pro Loss Control.  You will receive log in credentials, instructions for connecting to the driver training session, and a sign in sheet that you can print, circulate, sign, scan and return.

HIIG Xterminator Pro offers a searchable database of state pest control regulations compiled from survey responses by members of the Association of Structural Pest Control Regulatory Officials. The survey is offered as a service to pest management professionals and contains responses only from member states that have responded. It is accurate on the date the information was compiled and should not be construed as a complete and comprehensive guide to state or federal statutory or regulatory compliance. For addition information, contact the respective state pest control regulatory lead agencies directly.   HIIG Xterminator Pro cannot be held responsible for any legal or regulatory actions, fines or damages awarded that result from the information contained in the database of state pest control regulations.

HIIG Xterminator Pro Database of State Pest Control Regulations

Map of counties in the Southeast U.S. with confirmed infestations of Formosan Subterranean Termites